Submission Guidelines

*Writer’s Ink is currently not accepting submissions. Please watch this space for new submissions deadlines for Issue #8*

Writer’s Ink accepts any form of creative writing be it prose, poetry, screenplay, etc. We accept unsolicited submissions.
Please bear in mind these following guidelines:

  • We enforce a 3,000 word limit per person. You may submit several pieces of work as long as the total word-count does not exceed this limit.
  • Any submission submitted past the deadline (see below) will not be read.
  • We accept all genres of writing.
  • Writing must be in English to be accepted.
  • We are not censoring work, but please refrain from violence/sex/gore/etc for its own sake.
  • We promise to avoid bias and will read any piece submitted, as long as it follows the above guidelines.
  • Writer’s Ink Editorial reserves the right to refuse publication of any submission.
  • Any decision made by the editorial staff is final and will not be further discussed.
  • Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated, and any submitter caught plagiarizing will be banned from further submission.

Submission Process

Each issue of Writer’s Ink will have 3 deadlines.

  • A content deadline, by which the piece needs to be finished and submitted at which point it will be edited for content, thematic elements, etc. if such edits are necessary.
  • A context deadline, which will be roughly one month later, at which point the piece will be edited for grammar, spelling, etc. if such edits are necessary.
  • Lastly, a final deadline will be provided for the finished, edited piece.

Issue #8 Deadlines have yet to be determined:

Content Deadline 

Context Deadline 

Final Deadline 

All submissions should be sent to:

Please allow up to 3 weeks for confirmation of receipt.