Editor’s Note

In your first, or maybe second, creative writing workshop (should you ever attend one) the phrase “show us – don’t tell us” will usually be thrown at you. A short, yet very dense, piece of advice.  I can personally testify, however, that it was only upon my first introduction to Japanese Haiku that I finally grasped what possibilites were made available by following it. The haiku (albeit by Jack Kerouac) pointed me towards a vast and unimaginable realm of reading and writing, to a poetic economy and a minimalism so lucid and breathtaking, it dazzled me.

I believe it is no coincidence that virtually every piece we have collected and present to you in this issue is poetry. Subtlety, musicality, and an attentive sensibility render an image and an impact deeper then you might initially expect. Though poetry, in the end, will always return to a similar source –  sometimes spontaneous, sometimes carefully analyzed and crafted, meditations on life – there is much to be said about the poetry of the Far East. And in the name of economy, I will try to let this collection, Writer’s Ink Issue 5: The Far East, speak on its own behalf.

Ahuva Goldstand, Editor in Chief


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