Mechanical Sharks

by Ron Alfano

They have invaded the land

in their vastly growing,

ever changing numbers.

They have changed their shapes

–some too drastically—

so that you can’t call all of them

these types of creatures, that have

made their way onto land, but in a

more highly sophisticated form.

But I know their true embodiment.

They deceive other, unknowing eyes,

but not mine.


I watch them as they make their way

over the land’s bumps and hills,

willfully obeying the established laws

of the land’s territory.

Even at night they play it

cool and slick.

Moving along on their

grooved, black discs; their eyes

shining to light up

the darkness around them.

Once they’re in their living state

of motion around us,

they know how to breathe well

from the air passages on their sides.

The land’s air they roam through

goes in and out of their system in this way.

Yes, these creatures have had

their shapes modified well

for living among us.

Low to the ground—

sleek, slick and so maneuverable.

these creatures, in their most

perfect form are controlled by

a master who knows how to have

the best one of them.

To match his sleek creature, if possible,

he’ll garb himself in sleek, black coating,

sport reflective eyes, and hold onto

the round leash

that tames and steers this creature.

Yes, this creature and its master

work together, in unison, beautifully.

For it know where its master’s path goes,

just by his simple

left or right turn on the leash.

The creature mechanically obeys, and even

smiles, constantly, through its

permanent grillwork of shiny teeth.

This make me wonder why

these mechanical sharks still

haven’t been recognized by their

automotive shape.

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One response to “Mechanical Sharks

  1. I like the fresh originality of the idea of the poem. The poetic form well serves the mysterious threat implied.

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