Enslaved People of the Mirage

by Chris Valliancourt

Demons of hate soar above the hollow thoughts

cackling their insanity into the hearts and minds

of the enslaved people of the mirage. A mirror

stands smoked upon the stage and the actors

prance around it celebrating the wonder of

the great deception. Simplistic murderers

detailed the latest adventure that they felt the

toy soldiers would care to march upon. The

leaders of the unsafe world declared themselves

to be honest men while they whispered their

deceptions to their wives in bed. They stood

upon the stage and celebrated the demons

flying overhead creating scenarios of death

which they felt was necessary to trim the

population. Surely goodness and mercy

would follow them all the days of their lives.

Mystic mental morons deeming the duty

of the population which they felt was the

pattern of the soul. How easy it was to

catch the news and count the dead in their

calculator rooms. Distance from the front

lines made their speeches ring with brave

determination while the drugs of life were

fed endlessly into the television screens of

the peopled strands of fate. Freedom begins

with one voice screaming “we must have peace”.

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