Editor’s Note

If you ask a writer, he or she will tell you there is no such thing as finished work. Write, rewrite, revise it, and rewrite it again; an endless cycle of alterations, modifications, changes and reconsiderations. As any good artist will tell you, each work produced contains a little piece of the artist’s soul, revealing them, exposing them for all the world to see. In a sense, they are their work. If so, then as the soul ever evolves, as the artist does, so too must the art. The problem which then arises is that a work of art can never truly be completed. Right?

Right and wrong. While an artist’s art will for ever remain a work-in-progress it is the air of finality which publishing lends a short story, a poem, or a novel, that allows one the luxury of taking a moment of reflection and satisfaction in looking back. Not so much resting on our laurels, but rather taking a hiatus in which to learn, develop and rejuvenate. Publishing is not the sign of a conclusion, rather an important milestone on the road to perfection.

We hope you continue along with us on our journey.


Ahuva Goldstand, Editor in Chief

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2 responses to “Editor’s Note

  1. Hye

    well said! art, like life itself, is an ever-evolving, fluid journey.

  2. Galia

    Yes, I totally agree with this. I would like to add that creativity opens our minds to many possibilities. Creativity is the land of uncertainty and infinite possibilities. We are always developing new ideas,choosing from them, working on them, improving them to get the best result.

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