Arrivals Departures

by Ahuva Goldstand

the dewy grass, damp
whispers to the morning
my bench a feeble anchor in the breeze
and I hear the seconds pass, hoursslipping
slipping towards you

a stranger beside me
her warm hand trembles
on my not-so-cold shoulder
she stutters
seething with someone else’s guilt
but my sad eyes,
blindly sense
only the reflections of you
noiselessly bouncing, breaking
the echo falling to the ground

her fleeting essence
hovers close
‘Dont you see?’
her desperation demanding
I do

your train bellows its arrival
sounds of welcomes
and departures
as her lilac perfume floats away
before I can say
I don’t

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One response to “Arrivals Departures

  1. Ali

    Lovely! I dont know what was in your head when you wrote this- but to me it sounds like an account of a sense of preocccupation that we have with ourselves, the utter, blind, confidence of a person intnsely in love. Of how the intensity of certain emotions sometimes drown out all sense of empathy, and color our perceptionsin harsh hues. While the act itself is somewhat harsh, you’ve expressed it in a very delicate way; your imagery is very subtle. I had toread through this 3 timew before my mind could do it justice. It was worth every read.

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