by Rachel Beitsch

I’m bigger than this, I’m
I can beat the beat-down, your
need to keep me down, I
turn my palms to the sky, my
knees north by northwest and
my eyes to the empty
space you spoon out of me,
cup by broken
coffee cup. You
punch a hole through the
only space you think I
invade, your
brrr-cold shoulder to get me
to shut up, the words you
shove up my gullet like
cotton bullets; I
choke. You
make all the sounds you
need to drown out the
power you
don’t have; you
know I’ll comply; you
won’t hear a peep out of me,
I’ll keep my place and your
better graces. I’ve
learned how to smile while I’m
burned alive, I’m
all Zen, my
higher state of
being is where you’ve
never been, I’m
beyond time, I’m
sublimated silence and I’m
bigger than you.

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Filed under Issue 2, Poetry

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