Grey Stone Tears, or the Story of How Wounds Woke Up

by Yahm Reichart

i knew you didn’t L me
not this way
from the start
everything, everything, everything


but i L’ed you
and as bright pink youngest,
what i want is what i get
and as hot pink child-woman
i knew how to get you
keep you

at least until you were done
at least until it all became white and sticky

we (really? we?) knew it wasn’t right
save Heart more ache,
Heart turned to grey stone
Heart forgot how to smile
we stopped

and then started again,
Heart said she wouldn’t get involved
Heart said she put up her green shield
Heart wouldn’t let you turn her to grey stone

but of course she forgot how orange warm your arms are

i, you, they woke up ol’ Wounds
Wounds’ cheeks got rosy
Wounds’ hands started shaking off the old tan scabby clothes
Wounds started remembering

i thought Wounds was dead

i, deep breath, i ask you again to be mine
but your eyes, even in smokin’ truth,
your eyes tell me no, sorry, so sorry, wish…but no, so sorry

Brain tries to tell you it can work because Brain likes my pink
Brain tries to convince you because Brain likes my jokes and food
Brain tries, tries but Tummy can’t do it

i felt it in your orange warm arms: Tummy can’t do it

all alone now
Heart tries to put ol’ Wounds back into the bed
Wounds got sick and need rest
Heart tries to mummify Wounds again
Wounds need hot towel for fever
Heart tries to stop Wounds from turning Heart to grey stone
Wounds can’t stop bleeding mean words at Heart

Heart chains Wounds down to bed, masking tape over Wounds’ mouth

Heart sits on cold steps in midnight blue, stars shining, moon about to explode so big night




grey stone tears‎

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