By Yahm Reichart

you left me long ago
when the Fearsome Threesome
became A Couple and The Communicator

i left you after the fireworks,
when El Señor came to Pirates

i left again when i went to MC and then PA and then back to MC
you left again when you went to the Long Beach

i left once more when pacificism is only right when it’s not your backyard
it became my backyard
i saw the disbelief in your eyes
never so blue before

you must have seen my annoyance

i was leaving –
you gave me a fuzzy drink
i scared you with my wet overflow of nervousness, excitementness, fearness
what will become of me, silently unwhispered
i was going to the Eden in my head

a year and a half.
From You.
so i let it all go: wish you trust in self and peace of heart
suddenly like finding a photograph forgotten about from who knows when
you come to me to talk
when all i have is disrooted lingers of how we once were
how can we talk about anything?
you have faded, so i heard, became an empty snail’s shell
i have flowered, so they say, became a shaven emerald

handle you gently
it might not be enough

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