Blood Sucker

By Di Katz

Part 1

As I waited for my next host to come along, I enjoyed the breeze that flowed through the tall grass and thought about my last host. Of course, I can’t truly describe him to you… I think he was the kind who lives outdoors; although, he did take me to a warm, dry place for the night. He was good to me and I’m sure it sounds strange that I left him, but you know I can’t help it – I drop when I’m full and there are no two ways about it… and boy, was I full… I spent four days with this nurturing, generous, and gracious host.

The breeze turned into wind, and I was getting pretty cold and hungry. I was quickly forgetting about my previous host, and began to pray that the next would come along soon. That’s when it happened: “Sweet salvation!” I cried.
You brushed upon my tall blade of grass and I managed to cling on to you and hold on for dear life. And now, after we’ve spent days together; days you’ve spent reviving me and allowing me to drink life back into my tiny body; days that consisted of ups and downs – you’ve decided that I am not good enough for you? Is that it?! I was there with you! Unlike him!!! I stuck to you no matter what! This is how you want to end it?! Claiming that you weren’t even aware of my existence. Screaming at the top of your lungs like a maniac?! I was there for you just as you were there for me!! How could you?!

Wait a minute now… is that a match?! Are those tweezers?

Hey!!! Why are you pulling me off of you? I’m sorry – I’ll do what ever you want – please – don’t!! You wouldn’t! You couldn’t! You’re actually going to bur-

Part 2

Daisy was trying to enjoy her afternoon with John. She was not  ready to break it off just yet, but she knew it was something that had to be done soon. The relationship had been going on for two years, two years too long. John loved her but knew he could never truly be hers.

They picked a nice shady spot in the field and opened up the picnic basket. Daisy had made her famous roast beef sandwiches and John brought the wine; both of them suppressed the painful subject. As John drove off, Daisy watched the car disappear knowing that she would never see him again. She couldn’t see him again. This was not love; this was a creature who had a life of its own and was sucking the life out of Daisy herself.

“Please don’t contact me anymore” was the e-mail Daisy sent John the next day. When Daisy finally arrived home from work that night, she immediately erased the messages from her full answering machine. That evening she was sure of her decision to restart her life free of another woman’s husband, and though she was scared, Daisy knew everything was going to be okay.
She noticed it as she began to undress for the shower; above her knee was a small tick. Once she got over the shock and hysteria, she called her brother.

“What’s the big deal?” he said. “Take a pair of tweezers and pluck the bugger! Oh yeah… you have to burn it also, you know, so you make sure to get rid of it for good,” he told her.

Nauseated and disgusted by the little, black, and diseased creature, Daisy moved slowly into the bathroom so that it wouldn’t move; she reached for the tweezers and– plucked. All she had to do now was to get rid of it for good.

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