A Forward

Writer’s Ink is the perfect name for a new or old literary magazine, especially a new one created in a place written about by so many wonderful writers over so many centuries.

One could say Jerusalem is a place not only of powerful dreams but also of powerful words. Yehuda Amichai studied the bible at Hebrew University when the school was as new as the country. He made warm highly imaginative and welcoming poetry out of both the book and the city, indeed, the country and the idea of the country. It’s appropriate that the view from your campus is one of the grandest in Israel. It seems to extend some 6,000 years in every direction. A view that will now inspire a new generation of poets, artists and philosophers. Though your history is awe-inspiring, I feel confident you will create a magazine that will speak for your time, for your beautiful and difficult moment. I am truly honored that you asked me to introduce this magazine.

I am grateful that I may add my ink to those of so many to follow. I wish you, Itai and Ahuva, dedicated founders, and the many talented writers you are making a home for, the best of luck and the most heartfelt of thanks.

Philip Schultz

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